Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Xteen Drink

Xteen is a health drink that contains the undisputed goodness of the mangosteen. Xteen contains the full spectrum of 12 vitamins found in the extract of the seed and skin of the mangosteen or scientifically known as “Garcinia Mangostana” which is rich in antioxidants. This formula, pending to be patented, emerged as the most effective liquid antioxidants product ever produced by Malaysian company in cooperation with our local university in its on-going effort in research.

Xteen contains a combination of 9 natural resources rich in antioxidant meticulously & specially tested, i.e., mangosteen extract, Gojiberry, Acaiberry, Grape seed, Blackberry juice, pomegranates, Blueberry, cranberry and Strawberry as well as:

Mangosteen nutrients from skin and seeds are enriched with a natural antioxidant. The main function of antioxidants remove the free radicals to be formed in the body TOXIC. Excessive TOXIC make you prone to illness. TOXIC excess will also start to form lumps of cancer (cancer) small. SILENT disease most feared by the people of Malaysia are now adults attack cancer.

• Size 250 ml.
• Pack 6 bottle and 48 bottle / box.
• Retail price RM3.50 / bottle.


Contact no: 019-2216417 Razali Hassan

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