Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What Is Xantona?

The mangosteen is a seasonal fruit with a maroon skin, white-coloured fruit that is very tasty. Scientific research has successfully proven that the mangosteen contains active ingredients known as XANTONA. It is a structured active chemical made up of 3 ringed fingers and is very stable in whatever condition whether hot or cold. There are more than 40 types of Xantona found in the mangosteen and the mangosteen contains the most amount of Xantona.

Xantona derived from the mangosteen protects cells in the body, and reduces damage to cells especially caused by free radicals. Oxidative pressure is a condition where free radical in the body is more than the body’s ability to neutralise it. As a result, the increase in the oxidation process of cells in a normal body is higher thereby causing more damage. The emergence of chronic disease such as cancer, heart failure, Alzheimer’s and others is a result of the existence of excessive free radical in the body. Sufficient and optimal intake of antioxidants helps to heal the body. If free radicals is excessively present, the symptoms of cancer increases and damages bodily functions. Cancer that cannot be traced in its early stages is termed “the silent killer” in this country. Free radicals are able to change its characteristics to toxic. Xteen is the best drink to preserve your body’s health.


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